Committee Member Interviews

Committee Member Interviews

Umang 2015 is embarking on an adventure. Be a part of the organising team which brings the Asia’s Fastest Growing Festival alive.
Committee Member interviews begin on 6th May, 2015.

Chair Person: Aakash Desai

Vice Chairperson 1: Upansu Shah

Merissa Pereira
+91 9769185472
PROshows is in charge of the compères, PROfillers, PROexhibits and the incredibly sick PROnites. If you think you know what will appeal to the crowds, then come join PROshows and fulfil your dream of interacting with your favourite artists!

Shreeya Raveshia
+91 9769112953
Got creativity and originality flowing in your veins? Use your imagination to come up with ideas for Umang’s very unique and super cool workshops! From aero-modelling to archery, graffiti to chocolate making, Umang’s workshops have something for everyone!

Sans Frontières
Vithika Shah
+91 9833455478
Let your thoughts set the night sky ablaze by being the literary voice of Umang. If you wish to spellbind the readers with your high sounding words then SF is where you belong! Design our very own SF magazine, edit the blog and unleash the writer within you!

Fine Arts
Krisha Bafna
+91 9920100993
Fine Arts is in charge of organising art related events and the mesmerising FA exhibit! If you think art speaks to you, and every stroke of brush has a story to tell, join fine arts and give Umang an artistic touch!

Music and Contemporary Arts
Kushal Shah
+91 9867273211
MCA holds musical events comprising of Indian and western forms and is also responsible for organising the crazy, crowd pulling contemporary events! If you’re extremely passionate about music, this department is where you belong!

Vice Chairperson 2: Yash Shah

Yash Ravasia
+91 9930787221
Your insane, crazy, whacky and totally daring attitude is just what iNFORMALS! at Umang needs! iNFORMALS! organizes quirky games, mad events and entertaining fillers. Bring in your out- of- the-box ideas and make the crowd go bonkers with fun!

Aditya Singh
+91 9967134975
For those who live to play and are passionate about sport, this is your stop. Create events that intrigue the adrenaline junkies. Gaming conducts an exhaustive array of cyber and console gaming, modified outdoor and indoor sports!

Management ∞ Fest
Rohit Dewan
+91 9920777531
If you’re a cool, logical and passionate thinker, M∞F needs you. No, no, no M∞F does not literally manage the fest! So, come be a part of this department and have fun organising the Umang Stock Exchange and other intriguing events that are sure to pique your interest!

Literary Arts
Aastha Desai
+91 9920757323
Don’t mistake this department for an all literature events department. Ingenious speaking events, creative writing events and nerve-racking quizzes, if you have what it takes to organize these events then LA has a spot for you!

Dance and Dramatics
Gautam Shah
+91 9619800181
Empower the audience with the power of performing arts. Be ‘the one’ backstage and ensure that the show goes on. You need not be a young Madhuri Dixit or a moon-walking MJ to be here! Bring alive events such as Street Dance and Actor Hunt at Umang!

Vice Chairperson 3: Vaibhav Jain

Rushil Gandhi
+91 9920590908
The Security department is responsible for the smooth functioning of the fest on-days. It gives Umang the physical strength it needs. So if you think you can help control the massive crowds that come to Umang every year, then Security at Umang awaits you! Halla Bol!

Karan Gandhi
+91 9819910197
If you are an accounting genius and numbers speak to you, then come join Finance, the treasury of Umang. Finance allocates funds to all departments. Apart from this finance also keeps track of scores on-days. Use your accounting whiz, bargaining skills and interview today!

Nirmit Shah
+91 8080453839
For all you gizmo geeks out there, who have immense knowledge about computers and can click their way out of most problems, Computers is made for you! Computers is responsible for designing all of Umang’s nomenclatures and its website. It is also in charge of the registration process on-days!

Simran Shah
+91 9820107553
If you have the eye of an artist and the ability to bring paper to life, then Creatives is just the department for you. If you think art speaks to you, join creatives and with the best colors in your palette create the face of Umang!

Printing and Stationery
Jay Jogi
+91 9920969617
This department is in-charge of everything Umang related, from t-shirts to name tags and provides stationery, right from pens to everything imaginable!
It is in-charge of printing every Umang nomenclature. If you’re street smart and have the bargaining power, this department is perfect for you!

Vice Chairperson 4: Jaanvi Thakkar

Shivani Shah
+91 9768719111
The marketing department is responsible for the inflow of money into the festival. If you can sell ice to an eskimo or a comb to a bald man, then you’re perfect for marketing! Get a glimpse of the corporate world and be a part of the growth of Umang!

Public Relations
Heli Vasani
+91 9870423442
Creating the buzz is what this department is about. It also handles reporters and media on-days of the festival! Spread the word, Umang 2015 is here! So suit up your delictual, social and online media skills because that’s all you need to fit in here.

Kinjal Shah
+91 9920558535
Join the cafeteria department and help organize the impossible-to-miss Umang food court. Make sure everyone is well fed right from the audience to the organisers. If you LOVE food like the way we do here at Umang, then cafeteria is where you belong!

Viraj Parekh
+91 9022925152
Play the host and welcome all the contingents to Umang 2015! It also ensures that all colleges, judges and audience are treated with companionship and their Umang experience is without any hustle. Apart from this, it also conducts the invitation process and handles the information desk on-days!

Matinreza Punjani
+91 8879649996
This department helps Umang come alive on- days. Right from lights and sounds, this department’s work is present in every nook and cranny of the venue. So if you’re a tech maniac then this is the perfect department for you!

To apply for the post of Committee Member, simply call the respective Head of Department on his or her number or simply drop in at the Umang Headquarters (Opposite Room Number 7) with your resumé for an interview! (Don’t forget to attach your photo to your resumé.)


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