Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day



It is said that God could not be everywhere, therefore he made mothers. Mothers are walking miracles. The palm on your fevered brow, the soft kisses when you need them most, the grip that steadies you on rocky roads, the hand that feeds and nurtures you, the voice that tells you that you are loved, the shadow that walks beside you unconditional and enduring, a mothers love.¬†For when a child is born, the mother is born again. Here’s a poem a lady wrote for her unborn child who gifted her the joy of becoming a mother.


Dear daughter,

Happy birthday dear girl,
It’s your first day in this world.
People call this world a mess,
I assure you it’s not, so don’t stress!
All you have to do is be brave and smile,
It can win so many hearts in just a while.
The nurse thinks you’re the
prettiest baby in this hospital,
She’s lying, because you’re the prettiest in this entire world!

People call this world unfair,
It’s a masquerade and everyone has a mask to wear.
I think people are scared of others and themselves,
Don’t ever do that, throw the mask & remember – originality sells!
Be yourself and don’t imitate,
Experiment, evolve and innovate.
People will say they love you more than any other,
They’re lying, they can never love you more than your mother!

I know you nine months longer than anyone else,
So believe it or not, I’ll understand your thoughts very well.
You can be free and open your heart to me,
I promise I won’t judge, I’ll be honest and truthful, you’ll see.
I want you to live adventures and never regret,
I want you to be kind and care, it’ll all be worth it!
When things seem too much, just take a breath and pause,
You’re perfect if you just be yourself – with your features and flaws!

Yes, I know you nine months longer than any other,
And we’re all very excited to see you – me, your papa and your brother.
I’m waiting for the day you’ll say “mumma” the first time,
That moment I’ll treasure, it’ll stay in my heart, forever mine.
Every year on this day, you’ll blow candles,
Every year you’ll grow, new experiences, new people you’ll handle.
You’re perfect and life’s a beautiful journey, you can walk or run,
It may seem too serious, but enjoy the ride and have some fun!

There’s a lot more to say girl, but the time will come,
To express, to impress, to understand and learn.
Remember, words have the power to hurt and heal,
Remember that life’s nothing but a magic wheel.
Remember, it’s all about being simple and happy,
Remember that being able to be any age at any time is life’s key!
Remember to dream cause dreams come true,
Remember, it’s not just your birthday today, but mine too! :’)

Happy birthday dear daughter,
-Love mother.




Credits: Manasi Arora.

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