A New World Dawns Upon Us!

A New World Dawns Upon Us!

Earth boy

We have come to a point of time where there is more fruit in a rich man’s shampoo than on a poor man’s plate. Over the last century, the population across the globe has increased drastically. Was the earth prepared for such a ‘population boom’? No, it wasn’t! With an increase in population, came along an increase in poverty and scarcity of resources. With a series of famines and droughts in Africa, the food supply is depleting at a very alarming rate. Africa seems to be hit the hardest with the population boom, in terms of food supply. Every 4 seconds a child in Africa, dies of starvation. Also China, being a very populated country suffers from exploitation of their people. The Government did try to implement policies (one child per family) that would slow down the population growth rate, however, that quickly disintegrated. China is too big a country to effectively implement and execute that policy.

Along with industrialization, came great damage to the ecosystems and the environment. Scientists say that there is a hole in our ozone layer. When the demand for fast, yet pocket-friendly machines arose, no one gave the environment a second thought. Only now scientists are trying to backtrack and come up with eco-friendly solutions. But is it too late? Or is our ecosystems becoming unpredictable? Our icecaps are melting, species are becoming extinct, and summers are getting hotter each year. Most of our scientists predicted the outcome and didn’t really act on the potential damage that could be done.

With transportation is becoming faster and convenient, ‘Globalization’ is taking place. Multinationals like ‘McDonalds’, ‘Pizza Hut’, ‘Starbucks’, and ‘Subway’ are spreading across the world, like wild fire. To some it may be just another food-joint, but to others it’s an exchange of culture, as food is one of the key elements of culture. Cultures are being infused to create a new breed altogether, and the best display of this, is through food. ‘Chindian’ is a new cuisine that arose, when Indian and Chinese cuisines were combined together. Like this many different dishes and beverages are being developed.

The world is changing swiftly, inter-racial marriages are becoming more and more accepted. The integration of cultures is astonishing, and, it seems like the men can enlighten India up with this sort of change. People across the globe are also beginning to wear clothes belonging to one another’s culture. I mean, who wouldn’t like a pair of jeans? In short, barriers between cultures are slowly slipping off one by one.

Now we come to the most evident change – ‘Technology’. Over the last 50 years technology has evolved very quickly, almost at the speed of light. From games that were pixelated to games that’s graphics are so impressive, it looks real. Technology has been the global ticket for man, with this forever evolving Earth. Improved technology has led to high-tech medical equipment that could potentially save millions of lives. Also, improved technology has led to looking at the moon with a telescope to physically going on an expenditure and examining it. Technology has aided man towards this forever changing planet. With man’s growing curiosity it would be hard NOT to keep up with planet earth’s change. Whether it’s population booms or environmental changes, the people of this planet will keep up with the change to keep this planet, our Earth, our HOME.


– Enlighten India

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