Urban Life in My Perception

Urban Life in My Perception


Every human aspires a happy, progressive and a prosperous life. Nowadays, there is a notion that this kind of life can be achieved only when money is in hands. This is because we people have started judging each other by the wealth we possess. I believe we are all competing in a big marathon with the highest money at the end of it as the winning parameter! But why? To get a better Standard of living and be well-off to complete all the little wants and desires our family gets joy from? Or to show-off? To be able to boast about the wealth we have? To acquire power & pelf and be a rife in the hypocritical social circles? To possess the Status symbol iPhone 6 which is of no use to me but because my next door aristocrat neighbour has it? Never thought of it before? Then let’s ponder over it now before we are the next victims to nonchalance!

Many argue, money is to be blamed for all the busy lives of people, no time for loved ones and relatives, high workload, deadlines to meet, work pressure and work overtime! I would like to say is that money is not the only root of all this evil! Barter system of exchange was abolished long time ago! Money as a medium of exchange is in practice since decades now! Then what is the change? OUR MINDSET. The main motive of earning money a few decades back used to be satisfying the basic human necessities and a few wants! But look at us today! We are running towards those notes of paper like a mad bull does at the glimpse of a red cloth! We are so greedy and hungry for money and the best quality of life that all values and ethics are diminshing! We have no distinct stand, not any different to what the billionaires and industrialists of the economy say. What has remained is, blurred lines between the right and the wrong. We are simply moving rapidly towards being savage, barbaric and depraved people! That’s why we don’t think twice before indulging into bribing, possesion of black money and corruption! It is high time we draw a line and realise where to stop, have some amount of satisfaction and content in life!

Ever thought, that if we have limits to work hours a day, expenditure for the month, hours devoted to leisure, then why no limits to inflow of money in our lives? Wherever a sight of a note or tinkling of coins and there we run to grab the opportunity to make the best of it!

Then what is the solution? We must take out some vital time from our fast-paced urban lives to chart out our priorities, needs, wants and desires and then our income because how much ever you earn, it’s always going to be less to accomplish our never-ending and ever-changing desires!

Start with something called as family time, because, it is because of your family’s everlasting support and unconditional love you are at the present position. They will always extend a helping hand and stand with you when others are against you. You don’t need to take out extra time, just be an active family member. Wishing a simple ‘Good Morning’ at the start of the day or greeting ‘Good Day’ can make a difference. Showing care like ‘How was your day, dear?’ makes the member feel the care and warmth you actually have for them. Inculcate in these habits in daily activities, don’t wait for an unknown, uncertain ‘Tomorrow’. Dinner table should be strictly restricted of cell phones and there should be healthy dinner table family conversations about the day at work or general news. Take note of positive changes in your family members and compliment them frequently as that boosts the ‘feel-good factor’ and enhances the internal family bonds.

To re-kindle the lost essence in our lives, let’s contemplate over our priorities! Family time must be one up than earning money above daily needs because at the end of the day we realise that family love and support rates much higher than momentarily garnered attention and reputation in business in the marksheet of life.

Time is like sand clenched tightly in our fist, however tight we try to contain it in our palms, it the faster it flows away. So take out the time, today itself, to spend with your loved ones before you realise that in bargain of setting up and establishing an empire for them, they have drifted apart from you, to cherish the monetary pleasures. So think over it to change your life for better, TODAY!


-Enlighten India.

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