Head of Department Applications Umang ’16

Head of Department Applications Umang ’16

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Chairperson: Yash Shah

Vice-Chairperson 1: Heli Vasani (9870423442)


PROshows organizes the famous Umang PROnites by getting in artists who enthral the crowd with their performances. It looks after the PROfillers, PROshows, PROexhibits and the Comedy fest which are major crowd pullers. They also manage anchors on-days. This department fills in the entertainment quotient of the festival.


Workshops is a non-competitive department. This department organizes interactive sessions and workshops for the attendees of the festival. It also gets in inspirational speakers and eminent personalities for sessions like the Retrospectrum, Panel discussion and Convention. Use your crazy ideas to engage the audience in some mind blowing workshops with a wide range which has no start or end.


This department edits and compiles the official Umang magazine – Sans Frontières. It is also responsible for the Umang blog, content of the website and other nomenclatures. It organizes editing based events.


This department is a new addition to the hierarchy. It will organize events based on photography and videography. It will be responsible for creating fresh content in the form of photos and videos and will also be performing all tasks right from editing to modifying to adding special effects to such content. It will also be responsible for capturing the pre on-days and on-days working and the culture of the festival into pictures and videos.

Fine Arts

Fine arts holds competitive events that cater to the artistic and creative side of the participants. It conceptualizes and makes the fine arts exhibit which has a new theme each year. The exhibit depicts its theme through a series of paintings.

Music and Contemporary Arts

This department constitutes the first half of performing arts and has two aspects- music and contemporary arts. It conducts music events covering various genres and contemporary arts based events such as the Model hunt, War of DJs etc. They get in well known personalities of the music industry to judge their events. It also has the Music and Contemporary Arts lounge.

Vice-Chairperson 2: Karan Gandhi (9819910197)


Every crazy, wacky, informal activity comes under this department. It conducts events that test your wit and spontaneity. It has registered, unregistered, centralized and de-centralized events that push the entertainment bars of the festival high. This department also ropes in famous personalities, TV stars and VJs for judging its events. The iNFORMALS! Zone has fun activities for the crowd. It also makes the toon plan.


This department encompasses indoor and outdoor gaming. The console and cyber gaming aspect of Umang is handled by this department. This department explores the wide array of sports and incorporates them into their events. It also covers aspects like the casino and other unregistered events. Gaming gives a chance to experience new types of leisure sports.

Management ∞ Fest

This department organizes events based on entrepreneurship, number crunching and corporate affairs. They introduce a set of new events every year. It targets all aspects of management. This department manages the Umang stock exchange. It also has a lounge and makes the toon plan.

Literary Arts

This department is all about language. It covers everything, from quizzes to literature, from creative writing to debates and JAM. They also have vernacular events. This department allows its participants to showcase their linguistic abilities by introducing different events every year. It ropes in authors and judges for its events

Dance and Dramatics

It constitutes the other half of performing arts. It consists of two aspects- dance and drama. It has a wide scope of targeting various dance genres and aspects of the theatre for its events. These events entertain masses and are major crowd pullers. They also rope in famous personalities to judge their dance and drama events.

Vice-Chairperson 3: Jay Jogi (9920969617)


This department is responsible for the smooth functioning of the festival. It handles the on-days security and manages a crowd that crosses a 50,000 footfall mark. It makes the flows and also gets all the required permissions. Security makes the logistics. It also allocates assistants to all other departments. This is the biggest committee in terms of manpower.


This department looks after the cash in-flow and out-flow. It makes various budgetary slabs and looks after all the bank work. It keeps track of the expenses incurred by members and also manages the scoring system on-days. Post Umang, it prepares various financial statements of the festival.


Computers designs and creates all nomenclatures like the magazine, events brochure and the marketing brochure to name a few. This department primarily conceptualizes, designs and develops the Umang website and makes the theme release video.


This department is where all the artistic and abstract designs take form. It transforms the college on-days by making and putting up charts and structures that depict the theme. It is responsible for the décor across all venues. It also helps in designing various nomenclatures. On-days, it is responsible for the prizing and the trophies.

Printing and Stationery

This department materializes and prints all nomenclatures designed by computers. It also gets in the Umang merchandise and looks after the on-days and pre on-days stationery requirements of all departments.

Vice-Chairperson 4: Rohit Dewan (9920777531)


Dealing with corporates on a daily basis and presenting Umang to them in the best way is what this department does. Marketing is responsible for the cash in-flow of the festival. It also gets in kind for the purpose of prizing. This department maintains the overall financial stability of the festival.

Public relations
This department makes sure that every person knows Umang and about the things happening at Umang. It reaches out to people via social media and by conducting various on-ground, interactive activities. This department deals with the media sponsors and the press. It also gets in movie promotions and fills in the glamour quotient of the festival.


This department caters to the food cravings of every person at Umang and makes sure nobody leaves Umang with an empty stomach. It ropes in the food and beverage brands for the Umang cafeteria. It provides food for the judges of all events and also manages the organizer’s café.


This department is a link between Umang and the participating colleges and it coordinates with the contingent leaders. It is responsible for the invitation process and also conducts the CL meet. It manages the registration process and the information desks on-days. They also cater to the travel and accommodation needs of the outstation colleges.


This department is responsible for setting up and de-setting up the entire festival. It looks after the sound, lights and special effects in all venues. It is in charge of the decorators and cleaners. Technicals coordinates with other departments and makes the logistics.

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