The religion of procrastination – The new disease!

The religion of procrastination – The new disease!


In today’s generation the teenage minority is terribly affected by a majorly spread epidemic of a deadly and contagious disease known as ‘Procrastination’. Most of the teenagers are inflicted in pain by it and if conjecture is to be believed some are killed by this infectious disease too, because deadlines are not met. One of the symptoms of this infirmity is that all adolescents preach this as a way of living and don’t look at it as a disease. If more than 5 of these signs are relatable to you then you’re definitely a victim of this disease. Please consult the nearest counsellor to get the stage of the disease diagnosed at its earliest.

  1. You will attain peace of mind and far-sightedness as your deadlines keep nearing you.
  2. You will have no sense of how time flies. So you’re basically high even after not being able to afford any weed.
  3. You will have no worries. You will learn to live in the moment, i.e., the panic induced night before the deadline.
  4. You’ll realize the truth of life that if the remote isn’t within your reach, your television becomes a disinteresting idiot box.
  5. Your motto in life will be shooting two birds dead with one bullet, provided someone gets a gun and pulls the trigger for you.
  6. On a serious note, you will know how it is to be efficient; to finish off maximum work in minimum time; to work to the best of your ability in the most rigid time constraints… And then you’ll wake up from your dream, waiting to hit the bed again.
  7. One fine day, you will be determined enough to sincerely plan out your routine, maybe even your life, but today isn’t that day.
  8. You, as a reader, won’t even complete reading this. And I, as a writer, am stopping right here at 8, because the next multiple of  five is too far away.

-Manav Ashar

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