5 ultimate ecstasies which can’t be derived by money.

5 ultimate ecstasies which can’t be derived by money.

There are some activities which derive an inexpressible joy which satiates the soul and doesn’t die irrespective of your age… 
1) Wrapping a freshly dried blanket around you.

Bed has always been a boon. A blanket along, which is freshly out of the washing machine, warm and cosy, anything less than a double whammy?
2) Peeling dried fevicol off the finger.
fevicol peeling
Applying excess fevicol you retained from your artwork to your fingertips and then peeling it off. #WORD.
3) Immersing your hand in a deep bag of uncooked rice.
rice grain
Oh, the feel of it. Now you can feel it too with sheer imagination of doing it. Those small grains touching the hand as you push your hand across deeper and further is difficult to put in words.
4)Popping the bubble wrap

bubble wrap
This has undoubtedly been our favourite pass time in our childhood and we would not be hesitant to pop some of them do we catch our hand on one while installing a new gadget today. Would we?
5) Waking up in the middle of the night to find out that it’s way earlier than you think.
alarm and happy person
In a day and age where catching adequate sleep of 8 hours is a distant long lost dream, something like this would be truly a blessing. No contentions there.
Happiness is quite a relative term and each one has their own ‘moments’. Let us know of your lil’ goofy sources of happiness and your joy moments.

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