Hopes & Hoax

Hopes & Hoax

The sun rose to give birth to the best day for our soon to be coronated heads. With a lot of rumours and grapevines doing rounds about the head selection day, Smeet who was sitting all the way in the USA was getting jitters about the developments in the hometown. He made sure he kept himself updated by talking to our VCP2 Karan Gandhi daily on WhatsApp and budding applicants Neel, Sumil, Arnav and Agrim in order to not miss out on the minutest of the details. Meanwhile back home, Agrim and Neel stooped down to limits of stalking by constantly keeping a tab on VCP1 Heli Vasani’s WhatsApp last seen in hopes of getting an idea if that day was the red-letter day. Prank calls to Heli were made to try and find out if the Top 5 were together on ‘Mission Selection’. The crazy extents were established when inquiry calls were made to know if a table was reserved at Courtyard restaurant, where according to the tradition of Umang, the first official core dinner is served.

Our Top 5, however was no less. As a deceptive measure, our VCP2 Karan Gandhi posted a snapstory stating ‘En Route Lonavala’ to make sure everyone in his snapchat list was disillusioned that that day wasn’t the day. Meanwhile, the mini road trip across the city started early in the morning! Sumil and Tirath were woken up from their deep sleep to realise that their dream had come true.

 IMG_9490 IMG_0699

Grumbling stomachs of the Top5 were satiated by a yummy South Indian breakfast that was served at Shloak’s place. A memorable feast early in the morning for Shloak.


Neel in the quest of searching a PCO to prank call our Top 5 had stepped out of his house when they spotted him. However, they  managed to discreetly reach his house and drop a note without him noticing.

IMG-20160422-WA0000            IMG_9497

Neeti reached home to find her mum with a camera to capture her first fleeting emotions of glee when she would see the black T-shirt left over her table with a big note.


Sakshi, Krunal and Khushii were summoned to college in pretense of discussing ‘something important’. Khushii was scared out of her wits as her interview was taken over again!

IMG_0788 IMG_9590 IMG_0807

Hemanshi truly got the best birthday gift of her life on her special day.


The Top 5 had a unique experience when they were greeted by Aashay’s dog at his place. Arnav had his grandmother completely astonished in grief by his ‘Tandav’ dance and horrifying gestures in sheer joy of selection when the Top 5 arrived at his doorstep with the black T-shirt.

IMG_0706  IMG_0751

Ria was completely blank when she received the honour and Ruchika was jumping in the air, going crazy running around the house, overwhelmed with joy.

IMG_0769 IMG_0731

Shivam, Tanvi, Kushbiir and Aishwariya were supremely elated too, to find the black T-shirt and the prestigious opportunity of working in the capacity of a Head at Umang knocking at their doors. Their priceless expressions are self-explanatory. Aren’t they?

 IMG_0716 IMG_9512  IMG_9486 IMG_9496

Mohil was having lunch when luck tapped on his shoulder whereas Aditya was welcomed to his own house by the Top 5 with the black T-shirt. Agrim’s reel life joy became real life ecstasy when his state of happiness changed its cause within moments from watching Shootout at Wadala to getting selected as the Head at Umang.

IMG_9534 IMG_9553 IMG_0755

Smeet had a unique selection process. He was facetimed by the Top5 at the core dinner outing with VCP 2 Karan Gandhi holding the prestigious black T-shirt in his hands and Smeet being almost moved to tears. Umang has overcome the shortcoming of boundaries. Limitless bonds. Truly, Umang is Reaching for Moo-re…


The day was similar yet very different from the other years. Like every other year, the Head Selection day was memorable for the whole of Umang core but it managed to be unique, individual and distinctive from any other year. The day was indeed special, leaving it’s indelible print inscribed in the history of Umang.

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