The Opportunity!

The Opportunity!

Umang 2016 is set out on a ride, give your adrenaline thrills by being a part of the organising team which brings the Asia’s Fastest Growing Festival alive. The day is finally here when you can see your dream realise, so what are you waiting for? Go schedule your interview today.
Committee Member interviews begin on 27 April, 2016…

Chairperson: Yash Shah

Vice Chairperson 1: Heli Vasani +91 98 70 423442

Head of Department: Aashay Varma +91 96 19 537111

PROnites, Profilers, comedy fests and anchors is what PROshows is accountable for. If you have an impeccable music sense and interactive and communicative edge with artists, then PROshows is the place you should be. Set the sky ablaze with mellifluous music and flash your creative streak at the PROexhibit.

Head of Department: Ria Nisar +91 90 29 777749

Creativity is your forte and ingenuity is in impulse then what are you looking at? Organise ground-breaking workshops like nowhere else and explore your innovative streak. Get a chance to bring famous personalities, corporate personas and business tycoons on board for Retrospectrum, Convention and Panel discussions.

Head of Department: Hemanshi Gandhi +91 9619659066

If you can leave a your indelible print by sheer words, then without batting an eyelid, Editorials is the zone of focus. Your job is to prepare the content for the nomenclatures along with managing the Umang blog. You get a chance to work on the official Umang magazine and helm the position of an editor! Give your skilful edge a new high by innovating editing-based events.

Head of Department: Tirath Gogri +91 96 19 354447

A photograph speaks a thousand words. Striking the perfect angle behind the lens to capture the best moments of Umang for posterity is what you’ve to do along with hosting interesting photography and videography events. If editing pictures and videos comes easily to you then work is your cause of joy.

Fine Arts
Head of Department: Neeti Shroff +91 99 20 266791

Each stroke of art paints every shade of your personality. If every spec of colour defines you then you define Fine Arts. Hold the Fine Arts Exhibit which imbibes meaningful spirits majestically by the aid of colours. Organise art based events for budding artists to explore the tints of life.

Music and Contemporary Arts
Head of Department: Aditya Maheshwari +91 98 20 070746

If you’re crazy about music and even a little knowledge of it serves you right, then come be a part of the MCA team and organise music events of Indian and Western forms. You also get to organize the contemporary art events which are huge crowd pullers and extremely fun. These events provide the perfect stage to all the artists who wish to become the next big thing in the music industry.

Vice Chairperson 2: Karan Gandhi +91 98 19 910197

Head of Department: Neel Mehta +91 96 19 624950

Craziness is in your veins. Whackiness in your blood then iNFORMALS! is where you should be. Here, turn on your creative mode. The events are not out of the box, extending the box is the approach used. Organize marvelous events like Mr. & Ms. Umang and Umang maze to give your madness quotient it’s due fill.

Head of department: Arnav Oza +91 98 33 183399

A true all-out gamer will understand the intensity of winning or losing just a virtual game to another pro-gamer. If you understand the ground rules of gaming then lay a platform for those who have their ultimate power in gaming. Innovate and recreate sports to a level that generations will have to remember you for.

Management ∞ Fest
Head of Department: Ruchika Priyadarshi +91 90 04 192426

Entrepreneurship and corporate knowledge is what you thrive on and number crunching is your backbone to life then you need this department of Umang for your existence to be more profound. They introduce a set of new events every year targeting all aspects of management. It also has a lounge and makes the toon plan.

Literary Arts
Head of Department: Shivam Agrawal +91 78 98 018680

Diction and dialect defines this department. Oh, no no, you don’t need to be a writer or an orator in here. You just need to give those who are, a platform to foray in the fields they wish to. This department targets every section of participants who are interested in language. JAMs, quizzes, debates, creative writing and speaking events await you here at LA!

Dance and Dramatics
Head of Department: Smeet Doshi +91 96 19 755561

It consists of two elements as the name suggests – dance and drama. No you don’t have to be the ‘nautanki baaz’ here but you have to pave the way for the ones who possess this unique talent to exhibit it. You have to organize events which cater to the masses and which are very entertaining. Also, famous celebrities are roped in as judges by you.

Vice Chairperson 3: Jay Jogi +91 99 20 969617

Head of Department: Sumil Dutia 919773006079

Biggest committee in terms of manpower, this department is accountable for smooth functioning of on-days of Umang. If you have the ability to handle a massive crowd of 50,000 which visits Umang each year, Security awaits you. It also allocates assistants to other departments, prepares the logistics and gets the required permissions. Go you go-getter, schedule your interview now! Halla bol!

Head of Department: Agrim Mehta +91 96 19 859080

Being the treasury of Umang, Finance allocates the money and ensures proper cash flow. Amaze everyone by flaunting your gifted number knack and show your accounting whiz to one and all. Taking care of the scoring system during the days of the festival is what you are accountable for!

Head of Department: Krunal Parmar +91 98 20 032412

For all you all out there, who are technologically adept with computers and can pave their way in just a click, Computers is made for you! Design and create Umang’s website and the nomenclatures of Umang like the magazine. Be responsible for the registration process on-days and show what a maverick you’re!

Head of Department: Aishwariya Shah +91 96 19 716810

Bring down your vision on paper merely by the grace of strokes of a brush. With your skills, impress each and every eye that visits Umang by the decor you encase the college with. Express self-explanatorily with your work and leave one and all spellbound. If you think art speaks to you, join Creatives.

Printing and Stationery
Head of Department: Mohil Shah +91 86 52 293294

Bargaining is your power and street smartness is your asset then where are you looking? Printing and Stationery at Umang helps you nourish and polish both these abilities by giving you the practical touch you always needed. Print everything from the on-days T-shirt to nomenclatures of Umang. Sell the official Umang merchandise and supply Umang with it’s required stock of stationery!

Vice Chairperson 4: Rohit Dewan +91 99 20 777531

Head of Department: Khushii Singadia +91 98 70 005929
With extremely high persuasive skills and high level of street smartness, crack amazing deals for Umang that you would be recalled for. Get the exposure of corporate world, learn the ethics of contacting and etiquette of association here!

Public Relations
Head of Department: Sakshi Jani +91 96 64 764207

Go all out to publicise Umang on social and online media platforms and associate with organizations that would create a buzz about Umang 2016. Get a chance to explore your creativity by organizing ingenious promotional activities. Also, handle reporters, media and rope-in celebrities for movie promotions on-days of the festival. To learn the PR skills of the real world don’t fail to have this department on your resumé.

Head of Department: Tanvi Shetty +91 98 67 765335

Food is love but sharing is caring. Give a taste of your priceless love for food by satiating stomachs and souls at our very Umang’s in-house food court! Put up the organisers’ cafe and satisfy the rumbling tummies. Feed one and all and be content of keeping everyone happy at the end of the day.

Head of Department: Kushbiir Maker +91 95 94 831709

Live upto the motto of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ and compassionately host and attend everyone who comes to Umang during the days of the fest so that their journey at Umang is without any hustle. You’ll also be in-charge of the invitation process. The information desk is your responsibility on-days. If you think you have what it takes, then what are you waiting for?

Head of Department: Shloak Shah +91 7045 186 236

From the set-up to the de-set-up this department helps the fest come alive on-days. From lights and sound to each and every piece of equipment and furniture in the venue is looked after by Technicals. Calm nature, presence of mind, detailed measurement and careful planning is what is needed to fit in here!

To apply for the post of Committee Member, simply call the respective Head of Department on his or her number. For more information drop in at the Umang Headquarters at N.M. college ( Room Number 6.) Don’t forget to attach your photo to your resumé.

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  1. The most awaited moment has come. Really excited to be the part of Umang again. Here I come cafeteria department to contribute in your efforts and make the best outta Umang.
    Reach for moo-re…

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