The Fraternity

The Fraternity

Here’s an opportunity to broaden your horizons, to scale new heights, to be a part of Umang 2017.

Member interviews commence from the 1st of May. If you wish to apply as a member, first, read the general rules regarding the member applications. Then, read through the descriptions of each department and finally, contact the respective heads of the department(s) that you wish to apply in.


General Rules:

  • Bring your CVs on an A4 sheet only. Your CV should include your name, mobile number, address, time constraints, departmental preferences, strengths and weaknesses. You are also required to attach a recent passport size photograph to your CV.
  • CVs that are not on an A4 sheet will not be accepted. Copied CVs will lead to a cancellation of your application.
  • Applicants that wish to apply in Fine Arts and Creatives, bring your Portfolios along with your CV.
  • You are required to contact the respective heads of the departments that you wish to apply in.
  • Make sure you know what the department does before you apply.


Chairperson: Heli Vasani

Vice Chairperson 1: Aashay Varma (+91-9619537111)

PROshows: Abhishek Parekh (+91-9769221231)

PROshows organises the famous PROnites by getting in artists who perform exciting shows and make the nights lively. It looks after all the other Shows in the festival, which keeps the audience on their feet. This department is also responsible for getting anchors to host Umang. PROshows also handles the Movie Promotions.

Workshops: Harnish Brahmbhatt (+91-9819856450)

Workshops is a non-competitive department, which organises active sessions for the audience to engage in. It brings in the inspirational and celebrity speakers for some of the major events like the TEDx Talks, Panel Discussions and the Convention. This department is known to organize a wide range of creative workshops. It also hosts the Umang Talk Show.

Editorials: Samiksha Shetty (+91-8452972178)

Editorials is the department that focuses on expressing the authenticity of events related to writing. It manages the Umang blog, and writes content for the Umang nomenclatures and the website. This department plays the cards in writing the official Umang magazine – Sans Frontières.

Photography: Nidhi Gala (+91-9004329292)

This department captures the essence of Umang through photos and videos. It is responsible for organising events related to photography and videography. Photography also creates, edits and tunes the content that is published on all of our platforms.

Fine Arts: Divna Karkera (+91-9930479599)

Fine Arts is the department that provides a platform for the college artists to showcase their talents by organising various art and structure based events. This department works its way to the hearts of the audience through deep and meaningful art, displayed in the Fine Arts exhibit.

Music and Contemporary Arts: Rachel Mehta (+91-9819401071)

Music and Contemporary Arts is the department that conducts various genres of musical events, as well as contemporary art events. This department is the gateway to the music industry for the participants. It also handles the Music and Contemporary Arts lounge.


Vice Chairperson 2: Arnav Oza (+91-9833183399)

iNFORMALS!: Malika Bhargava (+91-9920638259)

iNFORMALS! is the department that caters to a plethora of creative events. This department has centralized and decentralized events that add the fun aspect to Umang. It also has the iNFORMALS! Zone for when the audience wants to engage in activities. iNFORMALS! focuses on making Umang lively and interactive for the audience. They also handle the pre-ondays on-ground promotions.

Gaming and Sports: Adishva Doshi (+91-9769258440)

This department helps in bringing out the athletes of the participants, by organising intense indoor and outdoor events. Gaming and Sports also covers the aspects of console and cyber gaming. It also has a lounge for leisure sports and other activities.

Management ∞ Fest: Ketan Jain (+91-9600011104)

This department organizes events based on entrepreneurship, number crunching and corporate affairs. They introduce a set of new events every year. It targets all aspects of management. This department manages the Umang Stock Exchange. It also has a lounge and makes the toon plan.

Literary Arts: Darshita Lohiya (+91-7597067823)

This department excels in roping in linguistic geniuses to the festival, be it participants or professionals. From vernacular events to quizzes and debates, this department is a treasure for literature lovers.

Dance and Dramatics: Anoushka Shetty (+91-8452026027)

Dance and Dramatics aims at bringing out the elegance of the participants through creative dance and drama events. This department is a major attraction of the festival because of its enthralling performances and celebrity judges.


Vice Chairperson 3: Neel Mehta (+91-9619624950)

Security: Dhaval Gajaria (+91-9833964833)

Security has the largest workforce in Umang. It manages the on-days flows and holds responsibility for any problems that happen during the course of the festival. This department gets the permissions to run the festival and makes all the flows for the festival.

Finance: Pankhuri Agarwal (+91-9795786886)

Finance looks after the cash in-flow and out-flow. It makes various budgetary slabs and looks after all the bank work. It keeps track of all the expenses incurred by members and also manages the betting and scoring system on-days. Post Umang, Finance prepares the various financial statements of the festival.

Computers: Neel Mehta (VCP 3) (+91 96196 24950)

Computers is responsible for making the Umang website. This department focuses on designing and conceptualizing the various nomenclatures of the festival. It designs the Umang magazine, the marketing brochure and the events brochure, to name a few.

Creatives: Namrata Jogi (+91-9930019776)

Creatives makes the festival a feast for the eyes. It transforms the look and feel of the college through artistic paintings and structures that depict the theme. This department also helps in designing the nomenclatures of the festival.

Printing and Stationery: Arrya Parekh (+91-9820141197)

Printing and Stationery brings the designed nomenclatures to life. This department also manages the Umang merchandise. It looks after the pre on-days and on-days printing and stationery requirements of the festival.


Vice Chairperson 4: Smeet Doshi (+91-9619755561)

Marketing: Krish Kariya (+91-9167288879)

This department deals with the corporate world, and brings in money for the festival to function. Marketing gives financial stability to the festival. It also brings in kind for the purpose of prizing.

Public Relations: Adarsh Rai (+91-8655562717)

Public Relations is responsible for getting Umang in the minds of all college students. It focuses on reaching out to the masses and publicizing Umang. This department invites and deals with the reporters on-days. It also handles the Umang social media.

Cafeteria: Mihir Popat (+91-8828354803)

This department’s main aim is to not let any person in the venue be hungry. Cafeteria brings in food and beverage brands for the Umang café. It also provides food for the judges of all events on-days, and manages the organizer’s café.

Hospitality: Bhumi Mody (+91-8291811538)

Hospitality handles the functioning of the participants. It keeps the CLs updated about Umang and its events. This department is responsible for the invitation process and the CL Meet, and on the days of the festival, it also handles the travelling and accommodation as per the festival’s needs.

Technicals: Harsh Kataria (+91-9167632162)

Technicals is responsible for the set up and de-set up of the entire festival. They coordinate with the decorators and cleaners for the festival. This department also handles the sound and light requirements for each venue.


This is your chance to be a part of Asia’s fastest growing festival. Don’t forget to put on your game faces for your interviews. Best of luck and keep reaching for moo-re…

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