A Colossal Concert, An Assorted Lot

A Colossal Concert, An Assorted Lot


Justin Bieber is in place to enthrall the Indian audience, today, at Mumbai’s DY Patil Stadium. The city is all geared up to host one of its biggest celebrities and the much awaited concert. With millions of dollars invested for the Canadian pop star’s maiden concert, here’s the kind of attendees you will probably encounter:

The Enthusiast
The teenaged girls, infatuated with Justin Bieber, drawing a comparison between the young singer and Elvis Presley. And there goes a score of Elvis fans deriding the connection. All those young men imposed to attend the concert solely with the intention to accompany their special someone. However, some of them are also covet aficionado. They are standing right next to you, annihilating your ear drum.

The Concert Parent
They are probably loaded with a full book bag of extra sunscreen, water, and chargers. This audience member is frequently attempting to shield you from any harm. Also, this category is inclusive of protective parents who are willing to take the road trip, bear the scorching heat and listen to music that they do not follow.

The Photographer
A photographer with a press pass or just a fan with a lot of phone storage, every concert has one. There will always be at least one person glued to their annoyingly bright phone during the show. They are a little too focused on updating the world with current events rather than just enjoying the music, but they still seem to have a blast.

The Boulder
A small shout out to anyone under 5 foot something. Tall people have better luck at concerts, like maybe not getting stuck behind the Boulder. They are broad and block everything but the sky for people shorter than them. The best way to avoid this is to politely ask to jump in front of them. They take one glance down and make room for you.

The Fighter
They are typically trying to make, more like force, their way through the crowd to get to the front despite the fact that you are already there. If you try to tell this person no, they will tell you how much of MMA they do and how they wouldn’t break a sweat destroying you. You could outsmart them by merely moving aside and letting them pass.

You might probably discover a few more of a kind at today’s concert. Well, it’s not every day, you have the singer in town. So, get ready to croon along and have an experience of a lifetime.

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