Geek Pride Day

Geek Pride Day

Your world is all about geeks. Your commute is filled with people playing Dots. Your friend spends her Saturday nights creating Harry Potter fan art. And you constantly imagine scenarios with respect to endless loops.

However, May 25th was officially the time to have let your flag fly- Geek Pride Day.

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‘Geek Pride Day’ started in 1998 by a guy named Tim McEachern in Albany, New York. In 2006 Geek Pride was celebrated in Spain and on the Internet on May 25th. This day was chosen to commemorate the premiere of Star Wars in 1977, a momentous day in Geek history. The highlight of the Spanish festivities was when 300 geeks in Madrid formed a human Pac-Man.

2017 had myriads of forms of celebrations. The ones identified as geeks, had their heads held high. With Geek Pride Day celebrations in quite a few countries around the world, this year, many paraded their interests and hobbies that were truly important to them.

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There were groups of people who cosplayed as their favorite characters. From Disney to Star Wars, the celebration was inclusive of almost all possible fandom.

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If attending a Geek Pride Day celebration is not a known scene, there were people inviting a few fellow geeks over to their house for an all-geek party. From re-watching Star Wars for the umpteenth time to a good old game of Dungeons and Dragons to trading limited edition collectibles, the little get-together was sure a celebration of its own kind.

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Over the past few decades, geeks may have often felt a little alienated from their peers because they had different skills and interests. This makes a Geek Pride Day celebration the perfect time to meet plenty of like-minded people who don’t think that watching a sitcom until you have memorized every scene is odd.

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