Head of Department Applications Umang ’15: ‘MAUKA MAUKA’

Head of Department Applications Umang ’15: ‘MAUKA MAUKA’

Chairperson: Aakash Desai

Vice Chairperson 1: Upansu Shah (+91 9757119964)


PROshows is the department at Umang which is not only responsible for roping in PROfessionals, but also ensures that everyone at Umang is given a chance to witness enthralling performances which will remain etched in their memory. This department looks after PROshows, PROnites, PROartists, PROexhibits, PROfillers and Anchors. It plays a very important role towards filling the entertainment meter at Umang.


Workshops is a department which organizes sessions of interactive learning between the audience and renowned personalities in various fields. This department also organizes Appreciations, Discussions, Book Readings and Decentralized Interactions. Use your crazy ideas to engage the audience in some mind blowing workshops with a wide range which starts and ends at whatever is there in your mind.

Sans Frontières

Sans Frontières is the editorial team of Umang. It designs and compiles the official Umang magazine- Sans Frontières. It is the department which handles the blog and is also entrusted with the content of the website and other nomenclatures including the content of the social media.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts organizes competitive events giving a rare platform to college going students to showcase their artistic side and talent in creativity. This department also puts up one of the main highlights of the festival, ‘The Fine Arts Exhibit’ which will take you to a totally different world through its visual beauty. The exhibit is based on a new theme each year which is creatively designed with various structures to depict a deep meaning rooted in the theme.

Music and Contemporary Arts

MCA forms the first part of the Performing Arts. This department not only takes care of the music events of the Indian and Western form but also covers the contemporary events which are crowd pulling and fun. These events provide the perfect stage to all the musicians and those who excel in varied contemporary arts.

Vice Chairperson 2: Yash Shah (+91 9167006830)


iNFORMALS! Is that department that conducts events that tests your wit and spontaneity. It adds to the fun and whacky quotient of the festival. What you need is a personality that entertains. It organizes registered, unregistered, centralized and decentralized activities. It also has an iNFORMALS! lounge. They keep the crowd that comes for the fest entertained throughout. It is also in-charge of the Toon plan and the redemption counter on-days.


It comprises of cyber and console gaming (UCG and RAGE respectively), indoor and outdoor gaming events. It also has unregistered events. A personality with quick decision making, pressure handling skills and creative innovations is what we’re looking for. This department gives a chance to experience new types of leisure sports.

Management ∞ Fest

Management ∞ Fest organizes events that deal with strategy, idea generation, problem solving and number crunches. It tests the skills of the participant in every field of management. This is one of the departments that introduces a plethora of innovative events every year. It jointly comes up with a toon plan along with iNFORMALS!. It handles the Umang Stock Exchange and Pehel.

Literary Arts

Don’t mistake this department for an all literature events department. Literary Arts is the department which provides a platform for the participants to showcase their linguistic abilities with events like creative writing, debates, quizzes on different topics , vernacular events and other such events. It also conducts LIT Fest which includes many things like the Umang book launch, panel discussion and book reading. This department also conducts decentralized LA activities, Online LA, and manages the Lit Lounge.

Dance and Dramatics

Dance and dramatics deals with the other half of performing arts – dance and drama. It conducts events encompassing various Indian and Western forms of dances, drama events like plays, skits, theatre which adds the entertainment quotient of Umang. This department encourages various types of events that have never been seen before and provides a platform to the upcoming stars of the industry. It also conducts decentralised DnD activities.

Vice Chairperson 3: Vaibhav Jain (+91 8286014985)


The juggernaut of the festival! Security is the biggest department in terms of manpower in Umang. It is responsible for the smooth functioning of the entire festival from taking permissions and approvals to establishing the flow for the moving audience. Security, alongwith Technicals, prepares the logistics for the festival. Also, it looks after the assistant allocation process.


Finance is at the heart of any successful organisation. This department is responsible for making the budgetary allocations and ensuring financial adequacy in all the functions of the organisation. It also tracks and manages the expenses incurred by its members. On-days, it looks after the scoring system. Post On-days it prepares various financial statements of the festival.


Computers conceptualises and designs all the nomenclatures such as the the Events Brochure, Sans Frontières Magazine and Member IDs to name a few. The mammoth, Umang Website, is its brainchild! It is constantly updated and developed by the department. It creates all the required documents for the registeration procedure. Pre-On days and On-days, it manages the registration software.


The artistic hub of the festival. Creatives effectively transforms the college into a carnival on-days by highlighting the theme in its charts and structures. Creatives are experts in the field of visual and applied art. They also help computers with the artistic elements of the nomenclatures. On-days, it looks after the prizing procedure.

Printing and Stationery

Researching various options, PNS chooses the most cost-effective and visual appealing ways to print the festival’s nomenclatures. It also conceptualises the Official Umang Merchandise. Additionally, it looks after the stationery requirements of the festival.

Vice Chairperson 4: Jaanvi Thakker (+91 9833509914)


This department associates with the corporates on a day-to-day basis ,it ensures the inflows of cash into the festival, and is also responsible for bringing in quality kind for the purpose of prizing in the events. It indirectly ensures the financial sustainability and the brand value of the entire festival.

Public relations

This department makes sure that every outsider know what “Umang” is and all that happens in the festival. It reaches out to the target audience through social media, press and various other modes. From social media marketing to the recognition and outreach of Umang is handled by this department.


This department makes sure that anyone who comes in Umang doesn’t leave with an empty stomach! The department brings in food and beverages sponsors, along with setting up the food court for the audience and participants. It also manages the organisers cafeteria by contacting the caterers and provides food for judges of every event.


This department is the main contact between the organisers, the audience and the college contingents coming into the festival. It manages the information desk at the service of participants, audience, judges,and everyone that comes into the festival, it also conducts the invitation process to invite colleges of in station and Outstation to participate in Umang’s events.


The department is In charge of setting up the entire festival, from the complete structural development to the sound and light for all the venues, the decorators and cleaners. It is responsible for putting up the college décor and managing the on-days. It looks after logistics along with security.


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